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Lebanese Food Means Freshness

Lebanese food has always been very popular, and not just because it’s delicious, colorful and appetizing, but because it is also very healthy. It includes a wide variety of healthy vegetables, legumes, meats & oils all mixed into incredible dishes.

Here are some Lebanese Cuisine ingredients that will not only fill your dishes with freshness & flavor but also contribute to your well-being and vitality as well.

1 – Olive Oil

Of course we were going to put olive oil at the top of the list! This Middle-Eastern classic is a staple of Mediterranean cuisine.  Lebanese cooks and chefs basically add it to anything but then again who could blame them… Olive oil is incredibly tasty with massive health benefits; it is rich in monounsaturated fats (good fats) along with antioxidants that make it an essential ingredient for heart-healthy diets.  When it comes to cooking, it is useful in every savory meal. Olive oil is used in salads like tabouleh and fatuoush or simply drizzled over Labneh. It can basically replace all oils, except for frying!

2 – Greenery

Green green green, Lebanese food has plenty of that! As you may have guessed, the main source of this color is vegetables. There is a Lebanese tradition to stuff veggies and leaves with different combinations of rice and meat. For instance, Kousa is zucchini stuffed with rice, minced beef, diced tomatoes, lamb chops, and tomato paste. This popular dish presents every home during winter. A cousin of Kousa Mahchi is Warak Arish Mahchi, or stuffed vine leaves. The stuffing is almost the same but instead of putting it inside a zucchini; it is rolled inside a leaf. Such a wide range of veggies comes with a tremendous amount of health benefits.

Vegetables are low in calories but also rich in dietary fibers, which help satiety and keep your digestive track happy. The minerals and vitamins they contain are essential and help you maintain a healthy body.   Your mother said it often, eating veggies is good for you, and the Lebanese are here to give you hundreds of way to cook them.

3 – Meats

While meat is not always perceived as particularly healthy, it does bring its fair share of nutrients and benefits. It is a great source of proteins which help your body build tissue. It is also rich in iron, which helps the body use oxygen.

Taking from all kinds of meats, Lebanese food encompasses all of their benefits and grease is always removed before cooking. Veal fans will go for kibbeh bi laban, a rich, nutritious meal with herbs, carbs, dairy and ground meat. If you’re more of a beef person, you are going to adore Daoud Basha . Just try it now, thank us later!

Lebanese dishes are incredible, they combine essential nutritive food elements from carbs, veggies, legumes, meats, and dairy products all the way to healthy oils that balance your diet to perfection. So if you want to add color, taste, variety, and health to your diet, don’t hesitate to go Lebanese!

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